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stars now. >> top stores were falling on wednesday november 14th. the streets are clear this morning after the massive mudslide in daly city. you have a live report coming up. >> we are following the latest developments the federal investigation involving cia agent david p etreas. >> traffic is light. over the golden gate bridge will get more sunshine erica. >> that is right to can not get enough of the shot from the roof cam in san francisco. a lot of colors and play. you can see the clouds in the distance. shaping up to be a nice morning with temperatures around five degrees warmer than yesterday. sunny and warm conditions. we will climb into the seventies even for some of our cost spots. the clouds will tureturno the forecast later tonight.
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san jose 45. 53 in oakland. concord 47. 45 in livermore. i will show you where the numbers are expected go into the afternoon and a look at the rain. now it is not to traffic with george. >> and developing hot spot in walnut creek interstate 680 and concord in to martinez. it is slow going for highway 4 on 242. a backup of 680 all in onto highway 4. it is out of the traffic lane but on the shoulder. managing to gonna attention and create a backup. >> thank you george following the developing news of daly city where a lot of unanswered questions after a major flooding we saw live on the kron forming a new suggested a. fed us go to kron 4 is will tran. never looks different than yesterday. >> at much different
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yesterday we were up to our the cabs and mud. you can see the remnants of it. data show you this car. --let us show you this car. some cars were towed away because they would not at all to be driven off. the engines could not start. wolf find out how quickly peopl can filwe will find out quickly people can file a claim and will be reimbursed. >> you have to have your vote on here is spongy and wet. what is going to happen is they will plan to have drainage system here because the rain is starting to come on thursday and will last for several days people are worried about potential mudslides moving forward. because there it is that is where it all took place 45,000 gal. of water came from a reservoir on top of the hill. now that is not
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raining there will be to be a lot of work done to day once they put the trading system in. we will see if that will work. people here are on pins and needles. yesterday's they dodged a major bullish because the lay of the lance allowed the drainage and the mud off the flow of around the homes. when it was not full of mud it was pure water it missed the homes before wondering what will happen moving forward. i put a phone call into the department of public works. we will be on the line with them to see how reliable the new system will be and how quickly will that be done back to you. >> i see the progress and how quickly they cleaned it up. like you said they do not have much time they have to act quickly before the rain comes will. >> that is right. they did not bother removing the equipment. even though the roadways are clear it could drive around the neighborhood with no problem. there is a lot of
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work to be done and the clock is ticking. i would not be surprised if people start to come out over the next hour getting right back to work. >> thank you will. >> other stores will following a contra costa county firefighters sustained minor injury while battling a one alarm fire at a house and elsevier on tape. in the 5800 block of sherwood forest drive. the fire was put out within 20 minutes. four of those were living in the house there were forced out. the cause is accidental. the total damage was around $100,000. governor jerry brown will attend the uc regents' meeting today in san francisco. the water regions is postponing a plan to raise fees for many professional degree programs because the governor is asking for them to put that off. the plan has been slated for voting on at today's board meeting. meanwhile the governing board of california state university has also heeded
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the plea from governor brown to postpone to was in height. the proposed fees are intended to improve the graduation rate and free classrooms is for 18,000 new students by charging a super senior feat. students who have accumulated 160 units would have been charged a per unit feat. governor brown says the cost should be controlled and not pass a law to students. >> the dow jones industrial average is down a point. sit-in at 12,00749. facebook shares on the rise of 10% of $2 per share. >> now to the latest of the scandal surrounding former cia director david petreas. we learned that he will testify on a congressional hearing on libya despite resigning after having an affair with his biographer paul brought well.broadwell. shd
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harassing the mills to eight woman that she saw as a romantic rival. possible evidence that there was another affair gondwan. presidet obama is expected make his comments on the federal investigation involving wetreas. >> and nancy pelosi is telling in the new session of congress that she will remain the house majority leader. she will remain at the helm of the party and the democrats felt to win the necessary 25 additional seats to make up the majority party. that would have made posey the speaker of the house again. >> poslesi. we're waiting
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for her to take the stage and make her announcement. everyone is wondering whether she will continue to remain as leader of the democrats in the house when fact it looks like she will be a spiritual and official and a few moments. 25 years of service representing san francisco. a vocal liberal voice that will be retained their opposing the republican agenda if she is to stay in place. >> they felt when the majority but with pelosi in the level voice. she is a lot to california and the bay area. >> she is a massive fund- raising machine for the democratic party. the democrats had to push to turn the election to gain 25 seats. that would put them back in the majority of the house. the majority they had during the first two years of president obamas term. then had a tea party way in
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2010 that swept more republican to the house of representatives and ms. posey had to have the gavel of to speaker john becker-- mspelosi. >> american people are telling them that they need to work and get things done. she is 72 years old now. we do know that she will be flanked by dozens of letters from her party when she comes out. in just a few minutes we have the two- minute warning she has not come out yet wondering if we should take a quick read that go to that because she is obviously running late. >> will go away for about three minutes come back and >> will go away for about three[ male announcer ] and citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. welcome back to the kron 4 morning news are developing story waiting for the announcement from nancy pelosi as to whether or not she will continue to lead the democratic party in the house of representatives. the average and has been linked from an anonymous source said she and in fact will. >> let us listen to nancy pelosi. >> (chatter)
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i think that means most of them are here. good morning. more are coming. yes today when we gathered here i began my comment standing here with our new members of congress. by say i picture is worth a thousand words. that is what they say. i said then and i say now this
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a picture before you is worth millions of votes. millions of votes. (cheers and applause) . millions of women boats that it took to reelect barack obama-cecil votes. millions of women's votes to help us select a record number of women to the congress of the nine states. as you look forward understand, that you are looking into the future. the future, of the empowerment of women in america. we you saw some of these faces yesterday's among the new members collect. i said then that they were part of the most the first caucus in the history of the world. the first time their
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parliamentary body would have a party with a majority of women and minorities. we are very very proud of that. i said yes to day we did not have the majority but we have the gavel. excuse may. we do not have the gavel. (laughter) >> we have our on gavel. we have something more important. we have unity. we do not have the gavel we do not have the majority but we have unity. i think our caucus this morning demonstrated that very clearly. i come here with my sisters when i came to congress to of the five years ago there were 23
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members of congress who were women. out of 435 just think of that. 12 democrats and 11 republicans something like that. today we have over 60 house democratic women. (cheers and applause) not enough we want more. but all of us who are there that doesn't of bus and took responsibility tdozen of us trio take responsibility. i am proud that in california our delegation of democrats is the majority of women not even counting our two senators. senator feinstein. women are empowered in california. i also want to acknowledge although our numbers are great to of our
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colleagues have gone on to the senate. senate to collect baldwin. --elective baldwin. only the second woman of color to serve as to serve in the senate. unfortunately when i have been a sudden and sally holm best-betty suttongf and betty holcomb. about of the success as i said yesterday as you see here today. >> why is it important for us to make this statement. of the strength of women in the congress of the nine states. of the house and the
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credit limit. because this is where the hopes and dreams of america's families are writing. they may not know that. they may not know one party from the next and the rest. but we know that with out rosa the laura we wi not have certain things. jackie is here working with other members of our caucus. loretta sanchez to protect women in the military. we are very proud of the chair of the democratic national committee. i could go around
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here and talk about leadership certainly susan davis women in military has been hurt issue for a long time. in any of its the point is if america is going to reach its fulfillment as a nation we must have the further empowerment of women. women in the military. if we want to be at our strong as we must give women every opportunity to hold every job so that taken monday obtain the top job. we want women in business. how could it be that the fortune 500 there are fewer than 20 ceos. if we want our economy to flourish and grow we must lift up women leadership in our economy. very important. women in the academic world. women and health care. any subject you could name is
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more wholesome more successful more efficient with the involvement of women. when women came to the polls last week they registered their support for those who understood the challenges that women face. it is really a remarkable thing. under the leadership of the women standing hear the voices of america's mothers daughters and grandmothers will be heard. women are the bread winners for our families in many cases. the small business owners and our communities. isn't that right. the workers that will spur our prosperity. they are holding jobs but they are also creating jobs as entrepreneurs and owners. we keep our focus on women's rights and health equal pay enjoys. we also know that
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women are focused on the same issues all of us are the economy, jobs, the future of the middle class and the economy of our country. they are concerned about fiscal soundness for america because they think about the future. as we move forward to debate our economic and fiscal challenges in the weeks and months ahead one thing is clear our economic agenda choices and decisions will be viewed through the perspective and the eyes of our nation's women with women and their needs. and those of their families. i have decided in light of all the excitement accompanying our beautifully the first caucus in san francisco ought always said the beauty is in the mix. that is all for the strength is in the mix. and the size of our women's caucus i am not satisfied, we want more. we are the largest element of
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political leadership for women in the country at larger than it has ever been. i had made the decision that some of you may have some interest in. in order to continue work on empowering women making sure affordable care at is in force in a way no longer bring it woman can be a burden and medical condition. (cheers and applause) to work with the president to create jobs and grow our economy in a way that empowers women in the workplace. to talk about a healthy political climate to work with women to say we know one way to increase the involvement of women and the government and politics you must reduce the role of money and increase the level of stability and that would be a very good state
7:22 am
for our country. a healthy nation to help the political arena to help the planet. i am so pleased to hear what the president said about a clean energy job in the future you know that has been a priority for me and i want to i look for to working on those issues as we go for. so it is about again a healthy fare economy healthy people healthy planet healthy politics. you cannot separate the policy from the politics if you want good walter reuther said it cannot separate the breadbox from the ballot box. if we want the right policies for america's working families you must up politics that are fair and enable people to share those values to be elected. so in order to reignite the
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american dream that is what we are about, to the ladders of opportunity for those who want to work hard play by the rules, take responsibility, have those letters have died with small business and not for new ship. a strong a thriving middle-class we have work to do. i had made a decision to submit my name to my colleagues to once again serve as the house democratic leader. (cheers and applause) >> if there is the announcement from nancy pelosi should like to remind the house leader and she will be at a crucial part of the upcoming fiscal cliff negotiations will be right back with kron 4 morning news.
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when >> lake tahoe season getting under way today thanks to mother nature.
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starting today you go heavily on the south shore or norstar on the north shore. their opening two days ahead of schedule and sierra. it has been cold enough but they are making more snow. kirkwood and enough but they are making more snow. kirkwood and squaw valley are s (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters.
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fan of feed can check out the snow they have in tahoe. they're waiting for more snow and they have a couple more resorts opening today. more snow in tahoe and there's going to be more rain. >> there'll be plenty of rain in the bay area and we will need our umbrellas. today will be the warmest of the week. in the of sunshine and temperatures in the
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'70s. had it into night clouds will make a comeback. tomorrow we will anticipate partly cloudy conditions and the potential for some rain coming from the coastline as we head into the evening hours. wet weather, set on settled weather ahead of us. no breakdown the details of what to expect coming up and my next report. >> monitoring delays on interstate 680 in both walnut creek and seminole areas. there's an accident at st. boulevard that has finally been cleared even from the shoulder. it is back from the 242 and 680 in the southbound direction. it is heavier leading into the san ramon valley for the southbound 680 ride. heavy traffic to brno from the dublin interchange. the delays on your right toward the sun all grade. it is an
7:33 am
easy trip for rest of the 680 southbound ride. >> surveillance videos from walnut creek release of a man suspected of kidnapping a woman. mike pelton is live at the scene. >> this is one of the atms at the center of the investigation. police of surveillance video captured at this gritty union helped crack the case. some of the images you can see this suspect withdrawing cash from the atm. police say this man along with another who was in the backseat we cannot see in the video kidnapped the 57 year-old woman last wednesday. they tied her up blindfolded her and drove her to several atms in her own car to take out money from her account. police managed to obtain this image of the driver who they say goes by the name of gray. the other suspect goes by the name david. --aubrey
7:34 am
>> we can't say that we're still operating under the assumption that this was a random crime. there is nothing that leads us to believe that she was targeted. we do believe there was some degree of premeditation based on the way the suspects sorry the victim was bound and gagged. from the method that the suspects used to cover their tracks. >> the suspects released the victim and the oakland hills. she is doing all right this morning. if you have any information walnut creek police would like to hear from me of. >> a jury is conducting a man of sexually assaulting three women in san francisco's mission district. frederick dozer jr. was found guilty on 25 felony counts including sexual assault kidnapping
7:35 am
and robbery. there were three ataxia's responsible for last year. he is facing life in prison for it when he is sentenced next month. >> cleanup is nearly complete in daly city when there are more than 1,000 gal. of water and a lot of mud rushed down the street. crews will return today to try to repair the massive hole. with the rain had it our way in the next couple of days hay was created to use used to create a drain. >> power is back and on at san francisco city hall after an explosion in the basement. of around 930 yesterday an electrical panel below and cause smokers to pour into the building and the sprinkler system went off. power was " cut off to the high voltage area for a few hours last night. city hall is an open
7:36 am
for business today and the power is back. >> facebook stock is surprisingly up right now. almost 800 million shares are available to be sold. they were part of the lockup. from the initial public about a third of the available shares are now free to be sold. lot of restrictions were listed. this double the number of facebook shares available on the market. there were 3 billion been traded in this is another 800 million that are being added. jackie sissel has been near facebook headquarters. we thought we would see a drop in facebook shares but it actually went up $1.76. >> president obama is meeting with about a dozen business executives as the lobby's business and labor groups to avoid an impending fiscal clef. --cliff the
7:37 am
president says that he remains committed to requiring the wealthy to pay more in taxes to avoid the cliff. business groups won agreement on this by the end of the year because they could destabilize the economy. >> the dow has dow dropped 47 points. that the dow was down 12,710. we will be back.
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-what's up? i'm chris. -and i'm erik. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business.
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>> new this morning californium is debuting kids landmark capt. trade program today with the first auction of greenhouse gas pollution permits. there has been a lot in the lawsuit that is one file to stop it. a group of the regulations was meant to dramatically reduce emissions of heat trapping
7:41 am
gases. this program places a limit on emissions from polluters such as businesses. businesses are required to cap their level of emissions or buy allowances from other companies for every time they go over the cap. other businesses can make a profit by selling their extra allowances. this is schedule for 10 this morning and is being closely watched around the world as it will essentially put a price on the missions. >> a hearing into the meningitis outbreak that killed 32 people across the nation's and sickened hundreds. this is going on in washington d.c., let's take a look live as we talk about what they're dealing with here. the pharmacy in massachusetts was the source of the injections the connected to the deadly outbreak that is central in this hearing as well as lawmakers. they try to figure out who knew what and when so the owner of the pharmaceutical company is there the fda commissioner
7:42 am
and the massachusetts state board officials. they will all testified tried again to the bottom of the outbreak. >> we will come back as the kron4 news continues with weather and traffic hot spots and the world according to gary. eastbound 80 attacking veiled don't forget we have at heavenly and north star opening today.
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>> and early morning accident jammed up the ride
7:45 am
from concord pleasant hill and martinez into walnut creek on 680 southbound. it is now starting to affect the highway westbound on highway 4. yassin is long gone but the 34 minutes drive time remains. it should be a 19 minute trip heading south just from to 42 down to walnut creek. the heavy traffic still flows through and into the san ramon valley. all way down to danville and beyond livorno road and stone valley road. the bridges are happy at the bay bridge. at last check westbound. 18 to 22 minutes drive times depending on your approach. the san mateo bridge a last check was still running at about 13 minutes but it looks like and may be slowing a little more here. it is likely that we could see some double-digit drive times and the westbound direction. the golden gate
7:46 am
bridge ride is a little heavy southbound but no major problems. the marin commute has been incident free for the 1 01 ride. let's go to the weather center now and here's an update from america. >> and george it is shaping up to be a gorgeous day around the bay area. temperatures are warmer than 25 than 124 hours ago. palo alto is at 56 degrees 41 out the door and napa. and into the afternoon plenty of '70s to go around. the sunshine we are ready scene for the warm-up and temperatures today. it is expected to leave the most pleasant of the week. los gatos as 75 degrees below '70s for fremont and milpitas and pretty much the same story for east bay spots. mostly sunny conditions that walnut creek 3071. we decline to 74
7:47 am
in santa rosa and 73 it expected in oakland. downtown san francisco getting in at 70 degrees and we could pick up some mid to upper 60s towards the 70 degree mark closer at the coast line. changes to talk about we continue to see clouds coming in from the system. really hanging out in the pacific right now but it is a thousand miles offshore. it could arrive as early as thursday night. this is not to call the system, we will see brief reign at the coast line first. you can see pretty spotty in nature relatively light as well. 7 day around the bay continues with the potential for wet weather into the weekend and as we start the next workweek. >> a's manager bob bell this does not like to toot his
7:48 am
own horn so too did for him. >> first we this segment is now syndicated. >> when you talking about? >> on channel 193. does that move you? >> no it does not. we they're not interested in the new they aren't interested in the sports. >> can you see how he is a great guy and amazing guy and in menlo park native. what he says as i'm not comfortable in the limelight. i do not want to be brought out individually, i want the team. >> if you work for him you better not like the limelight. he will take it off. -- all like everything you said is true and he is a pretty humble guy. he was a backup player for most of his career. he got used to
7:49 am
diverting his ego for the betterment of his team. it worked out. he was the manager of the year in arizona. if nothing you can say is that boy he sure deserve it. >> who deserves the nl side. both she came in third and went to the nationals manager davey johnson. >> (...) am i though she had to ride in a rolls royce that actually broke down. >> that is embarrassing. >they need them by the. >> have you ever driven a vibe?
7:50 am
>> no. >> can i say something? did you just buy a bunch of new closed? >> no gary this is how your wife does it. she sneaks into the rotation. >> will you please turn yourself off? she goes man daria has been over to the wardrobe person. >> know by and not spend any money on new clothes. christmas is coming. >> my arms? >> the lift weights? >> people ask me that all the time. i say no. i think we should definitely go still, there's a big market
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for us and laos. a lot of small islands. >> at the end of this segment even start at 3:00 in the afternoon in see it 20 times on channel 193. >> not let's go from that shameless self-promotion to the baseball managers. also this mass that is the jets. crying, actual tiers -- tears from this mess. >> when every see a guy choked up. when you spend 20 hours a day doing this and it doesn't work out that is pretty emotional as opposed to a guy who is eating chips drinking beer and writing a blob. >> i know what you mean. >> you don't want to forget that the motion. e do something 20 hours a day and you are the leader of the
7:52 am
something that just isn't working and in that case there is no light at the end of the tunnel. >> one of the players and i guess there are a dozen that are speaking out without their names but telling the newspaper we don't think the vote is very good. there is no light at the end of the tunnel. no viable option. they are standing by sanchez by default i guess. >> one day we will hear the honor of the team that is going to admit i hired to vote because he of insured papers they have the back page of the daily news and the post. for whatever reason it seems you always hear about people want the back page of those tabloids and that cboe was going to give him a lot of attention. if you don't want the attention than it just blows up in your face. >> and you hear about how the wedding day turn into a court appearance because of the former seahawk that she
7:53 am
is suddenly engaged to. they got into some sort of family brawl over where to live. the live in florida for washington? it came to blows and it was a mess. she was bloody >> if you are one of those people that is always gonna be mad at somebody or back- and-forth are this and that what you all a sudden going to change? i put a wedding dress on and on a new person. >> that's the same keys had problems and she has a tough background and it is a mess. no wedding day yesterday, they were in court. >> it is hard for me to be able to relate to this but you are on channel 193 looking pretty good. i looked up last night and i was calling my hair and said weigh its daria and i was calling my hair and said weigh i[ female announcer ] this is the story of eves.
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>> sudden-death fill the streets a clear in daly city right now will have a report coming up. also nancy pelosi announcing her intention to keep her post. we will talk to my keep michael yaqui about what that means for the democrats. we'll have details ahead as the kron4 news continues in just a few minutes.
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> heavy equipment rolling into daly city as the city tries to beat the clock for the rain coming tomorrow as they try to shore up this month slide to prevent another one. i'll have a live interview with city administrators.
8:00 am
>> nancy pelosi just announced this morning on air that she is going to stay on as leader of the house. we'll have an update on the story coming out. keeping our eyes on bay area and traffic this morning let's go to george for our hot spots. >> we continue to monitor unusual delays for the 68282 and the southbound direction. there was an accident over an hour and a half ago that started backing up the ride. 34 minutes drive time it should be about 19 minute trip. what is happening as traffic is starting to slow westbound from port chicago highway on highway 4 leading onto a highway 282. you could save time by continue westward to 680 before heading south. the san ramon valley ride continues to be heavy as you heaout of it. of sd northbound unusual delays there. sadly we're seeing driving times climb on the
8:01 am
san mateo bridge. it was at 60 minutes but we man are the past to be here. we will keep an eye on this traffic commute. >> get ready for the best letter of the week. plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the '70s. yesterday was the warmest day and into tomorrow we will have changes. we will see more in the way of cloud cover and later on thursday night we will anticipate some rainfall. we will continue with unsettled weather throughout the weekend and as we start the next work week in terms of numbers right now relatively mild. 53 out the door and hayward and i will show you where these numbers are expected to go coming up and my next report. >> 8 of 2:00 a.m. our developing story we are waiting to see what happens when it starts raining in daly city where they have a gush of water that inundated the neighborhood. we cover the damaging clean up yesterday. will tran is
8:02 am
in daly city where there is more work going underway right now. >> work with the clock ticking because rain is supposed to come tomorrow. we saw heavy equipment arriving here in the last 15 minutes or so. you may want to tell george that this is a hot spot. the quebec coming and going in there telling us be careful and even beach residents because they are just scratching the surface. they are excavating there and they still have removed the mud not to mention shoring up the hillside to prevent the hillside from possibly slipping with the rain fall tomorrow and over the next several days. what a difference a day makes. you can see the street is all clear but it will not be clear of heavy equipment. they're not allowing people to park on the other side. they are telling them you have to go somewhere else. joining me now is patrick sweet land of the director
8:03 am
of waste water resources with daly city. moving forward there are a lot of residents still concerned with what's ahead. especially with the rain fall. would he say to them to ease their fears? >> they have the break yesterday with the mudflow so today we're transitioning into response mode from recovery mode. we will focus on the weather is asian of the park structure itself. we have the heavy equipment in place to remove some of the debris. we have at hay bales and materials to help with the russian control. we'll be working here at the park itself. the crews are setting up and the storm drains are now buried underneath the mud. we'll take our equipment to find out where the mud flows are. you see the heavy backlog of it with the slasher's so if we need to flush the line we can. we will find where the storm drains are located and flush them out. >> basically will put
8:04 am
material down to absorb the water and create some drains. >> correct. we will divert the waters to the existing storm drain system and put the he bellows down to help with the water and controlling the flow that may be coming out. will be working today and tomorrow i have the reins back, and to get the site prep. we will have to just wait and see how it performs. >> is a band-aid or will we have to come back and shore up the hillside? >> at this junction we do with the recovery mode will take some stages and sequences. we will take a look at what sticks up their. we'll have to look and see what the best results will be. we'll measure that against the winter rains and try to sequence when is the best time to make those repairs. we're trying to make everything more secure with people in service. we have
8:05 am
the address for the time being. right now it will just be the short-term with the winter is asian and protect. -- winter is asiaizati >> we will come back and check to see will be paying for all of this when i come back. >> contra costa 8 firefighter this morning sustained an injury while battling a house fire. the fire broke out around 1230 in the attic of the 1500's of shore's board drive. crews were on the scene for the good part of the morning. four adults were forced out of the home. the cause of the fire were determined to be accidental. the damage is estimated at
8:06 am
$100,000. >> the cia is investigating former director david patras. this is after he resigned yesterday it last week after his affair with paula broad well. there trying to determine whether not national security was ever threatened. bridewell also send harassing e-mail's who she thought to a woman not was are romantic rival. there is possible evidence that there was another affair going on. president obama is expected to make his first comment today on the federal investigation involving the transfer. >> if you want the right policy for america's working family, he must have politics that and able people who share similar values to be elected. in
8:07 am
order to reignite the american dream, that is what we're about there are letters of opportunity willing to work hard and take responsibility. half of those letters die for small businesses and leadership and a strong and thriving middle-class we have worked to build. i have made it the decision to submit my name to my colleagues to once again serve as the house democratic leader. (cheers & applause) >> house majority leader nancy pelosi announced in the last hour that she plans to remain the minority leader in congress. she continues to leave even though the party did not win. they needed an additional 25 seats to become the majority party. we'll have more this and talk about it with michael e. i. key with the inside he has on what it means for the
8:08 am
house coming out. there is a beautiful star today, much warmer around the bay area. we will be back.
8:09 am
8:10 am
>> google is facing mounting pressure from around the world to give access to their contents. they're a total of 21,000 requests to access from information in globaoogle. the united states
8:11 am
made the most demands that from january to june. india and brazil rounded out the top three countries requesting the most from google. google said the top three reasons given by governments for access to content for defamation privacy and security. we called of to the video- game game stops us call of duty blackouts to is shaping up to break all sales records. the game shattered pre order record set last year by call of duty modern war for a fair three. the game retails for about $60. i say legates of fortune. games out shares are up $23.26 yesterday in new york.
8:12 am
>> i will wait six months in by it used. the dow in just terrestrial sliding and is now standing at 12,693. the big surprise was facebook shares soaring. seven to 800 million more shares hitting the market today as the lockup has ended from early investors. coming up we are talking politics with michael e. hockey. a live look outside on this nice looking wednesday with temperatures warming up around the bay and traffic moving slow smoothly on the golden gate bridge.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
now we have fallout from the david patras' a fair and nancy pelosi announcing that she is staying on. likely hockey is with us this morning. what are the implications of nancy pelosi saying she is staying on? >> the effective she postponed the elections for a weeklong than normal everyone starts thinking is it my turn now? there are about a hundred people in san francisco saying it is my turn now. i think she
8:16 am
needed time to check out the landscape. it was a very blue win for the democrats. they gained eight seats. i think this is someone who has a great obligation to her country and her party. she wants to stick around because despite what people say about the minority in the house having no power she has a lot of moral power at the table with president obama. she is for better or for worse i think for better and the liberal progressive tanker for obama on negotiations for the fiscal cliff. i think that she was the key when the white house was ready to get of to give up she was the one that brought them back and said just go. >> of the vote was just a formality? >> it yes. it is after two years is she going to give up? is she getting someone time to get ready to ryan issued grooming someone?
8:17 am
>> i was really anxious to hear your thoughts on the david the tray as unfair. where is this going and why is it or not important? >> there are two aspects to it. there is the politics of it and the policy of it. the politics are simple you have the head of central intelligence engaging in an extramarital affair. and old cold war james bond type films this is the classic compromise of an intelligence official. that gets capitol hill and the facts as i stated i want to know you came there and started stealing downloading stuff from as i 5. the fact that congress was not notified it became a big political brouhaha over this. when did the fbi know and when did the president know if and when
8:18 am
did congress know it? >> they said there will be fines for the central intelligence committee. they're very vocal and upset the they're not happy that this was happening. >> she has a right to be. he saw them carrying out boxes from rockwell's house and you start to think yourself if they cleared him why are they doing this now? those are the kind of questions that will be addressed in an president's news conference today. >> he sat down and he did not cover this up when confronted. he admitted it. some are saying if you look at his career and what he has done for the country and everything else that should rise above what happened in his personal life. there should be no bearing on compromising of security. do you agree with that? it seems like every government life has this happened. >> and bernard affairs and
8:19 am
war were to i think is one of those things where we are in the dow to world. the dow to world is totally different from what happened 46 years ago. you have to be above reproach and take a vow of chastity. american desired to know these facts and have it all come spilling out in every detail ruins your credibility as the head of central intelligence. he had no choice but to resign. >> fiscal clef. will we be able to avoid it? >> right now the president has a lot of leverage and will be in his interest to let it go off the cliff january 1st. it is really more of a slide and when she had been part of a slide you can stay with the markets.
8:20 am
>> we want a big headline. it >> thank you michael. now on to bay area weather. all you can get in touch with michael yankee and read his blood and michael the hockey .com. >> 680 southbound of concord martina's we are finally seeing some big improvement. in a last-minute urge to the drive times is shaved another four minutes off. it should normally be in 90 minutes drive in and is down to 26 or 22. things are rapidly returning to normal. still quite heavy for the west on 580 ride as you head to the altamont pass west. you will find the latest here are still fairly substantial. it is a 39 minute drive time a last check after the dublin interchange from to 05. the bay bridge we have been watching fairly heavy traffic in the westbound
8:21 am
direction. even that is starting to ease now as you see there are no longer much of the above back out lead from the i 80 approach. 1618 minutes of your coming from the heart of the toll plaza. the san mateo bridge at drive times peak at 16 minutes in their starting to drop again. maybe we will see the 22 minutes drive times. the commute to the golden gate bridge 1 01 southbound still heavy through northern ran 33 minutes from 37 down to the toll plaza. at a 20 1:00 a.m. we are heading to the weather plaza here is erica. >> temperatures are mild all around the bay area. check out the numbers now at 53 for hayward 51 out the door and monday of 63 degrees in half moon bay and it looks like naphthol, one of the cold spots coming in at 48 degrees. we are warmer than 24 hours ago. we will
8:22 am
continue to warm a trend as we head into the afternoon. future cast for a set of for 2:00 p.m. with a lot of yellow on the screen indicating where we will see the '70s. the cause will return in temperatures as local as we head into the evening hours. expect '60s and '70s later on tonight as we tracker afternoon highs '70s in the south bay's 71 for sunnyvale 73 for redwood city and los gatos is climbing to 75 degrees. it looks like we could see some low seventies for failed pittsburg 71 in walnut creek 72 in livermore and as we turn our attention to the north bay another pleasant day on tax 72 for napa 70 for downtown san francisco upper 60s for daly city and it looks like oakland has an afternoon high of 73 degrees. satellite and radar highlights some of the changes we will see more in a way of cloud cover. serve with that we're tracking system approaching from the pacific. that will certainly bring rainfall thursday night into friday. we could
8:23 am
see some residual some hours on saturday and sunday and monday heavy rain especially with the passage. gusty conditions as well and we will continue with wet weather as we start the next work week. a 20 3:00 a.m. and the kron4 morning news will be right back. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all
8:24 am
to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever you're craving. spend 25 dollars and a frozen safeway turkey is 59 cents a pound.
8:25 am
or spend 25 dollars and get a fresh safeway select turkey for 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. >> authorities issued six search warrants and track
8:26 am
down suspects are the internet. four were arrested on a 700 block of naples street yesterday. two other suspects are still being searched for. investigators are gathering additional evidence before those men are arrested. the child parsley and quoted over hundred officers and 24 law- enforcement agencies. more operations like this will be conducted very soon. >> and it develops in san clara county where additional charges were filed against the person that was accused of kidnapping sierra lamar. these attacks have been in 2009 and the suspect previously worked at a safeway. it is reported that he is a stunned gone although he was only 17 years old at the time of the attacks. santa clara county officials are treating him as an adult. sierra lamar
8:27 am
was last seen on march 14th in roman morgan hill. she went missing from a bus stop as she went to school. her body has not been found despite months of searching. the dna was found on the suspect's clothes and not far from the bus stop where lamar was suspected to be heading the morning she disappeared. >> we are following the weather for you before the rain and we're watching that closely in daly city. they do not need more rain, they are still trickling in from all the water and mud from yesterday. a live look over here and we will have a live report in a couple of minutes.
8:28 am
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8:29 am
>> the time now is 8:30 a.m. and we want to get a look at the hot spots. >> we will switch over and say the ride on interstate
8:30 am
680 in the southbound direction. we've had a heavy traffic leading down to walnut creek and that has cleared out but there is a new problem. san ramon valley at livorno road read the term point for southbound 680. that is about as bad as it could be. the drive time climbed from 24 minutes to about 28 minutes in the southbound direction. it is going to continue to slow. if this could also have an impact on the northbound ride. there is now a stall at the bay bridge westbound for we have been enjoying for the light traffic. it could start to slow things. after the 880 approaches not backed up at all in conditions look much better. the slowdown is only at the 80 over crossing in the west grand approach to the bridge. >> plenty of sunshine right now temperatures on the mild side. today is shaping up to be the warmest of the week. plenty of '70s especially in london upper 60s along the coast. later on the clouds will return to the forecast
8:31 am
with temperatures in the '50s and '60s. tomorrow partly sunny skies and pretty similar if not a little bit cooler compared to today. the evening hours will have the changes to talk about where we could see some rain. full details coming up on that shortly. >> before we see the rain we have to see all of the clean up completed in daly city. there is still in my part to deal with after the big flood yesterday. it sent mud and water spewing into the neighborhood and burying cars of the homes were ok. let's go get some answers from will tran who is now live all morning. >> homes are ok but we are waiting for a second round. the first time was man made with the pipes bursting but with the rain coming they want to make sure that they are ready. let me say the neighborhood. this all started about 45 minutes ago when the heavy equipment start rolling in. they have taken over this neighborhood and we are just scratching the surface. they'll have
8:32 am
had the equipment coming and going throughout the day and possibly into the early part of tomorrow. they even brought out a television camera. they're going down into the storm drains just to see how clogged to they are with mud from yesterday's must live. obviously they want to clear out as much as it possibly can. over here you see an excavator blue is digging into the ground. he actually went back up follow that because about 10 minutes ago and half of his excavator at least the base was underground. he is clearing out the path here for the storm drain. basically what they're doing is carving out lanes so when the rain comes tomorrow and continue over the next several days of rain will go directly into the storm drains. also they're bringing out things like pay and other materials to observe the rainfall. keep in mind this is just a band-aid approach. they realize that a lot of work to do to shore up the hillside. one possible plan
8:33 am
is to take all the mud that was called away possibly bring it back to the hillside and packet back there. that is still long term. in the meantime many residents are wondering what is going happened to my car? some cars were towed away and some cars were completely pot packed full of mud. what will happen and who will pay for that? the director of water and resources this is what he had to say >> i think the johnson is safe thing of the residents suffered as a result of yesterday's flood. we have claim forms at the office. we have someone out with a risk assessment. any damages that anyone has a should file a claim with the state. >> is as non-negotiable? they say the city is not to blame. >> at a time there is a damaged situation we encourage people to file a
8:34 am
claim so we can deal with everything individually. >> they cannot work until the president of the ball rolling ended down the city hall and get those forms until now. south as far as a word here they'll be here as long as they can. a couple of weeks and weeks ago with fell back in time so they will be getting darker around 5:00 and they won't be able to say as long as they're hoping for. they're confident they will be done in time for tomorrow's rainfall. >> i have an idea and people say ok you have a plan for car and you have a damage or loss may be as $10,000 or $30,000. i'm curious that if you add up all of the damage to the cars they have to pay and all the work the rossini are showing us this is going to cost a lot of money. as a disaster overall. >> i asked them to we have a dollar figure? he said this point we have not tallied what we are born to pay. they are ultimately responsible for the repairs. let's get all of this
8:35 am
manpower i'm sure this will be over time as well. he said that we had a good question but there were so busy that whatever caused it takes to get it done they will do it. right now there is not a dollar amount. >> falling in developing story in walnut creek this surveillance video release of a man suspected of kidnapping a woman. mike pelton is joining us live from walnut creek. >> this is one of the atms at the center of this investigation as police called surveillance video captured at this providence credit union helped turn the case. you can see this aspect withdrawing cash from the atm. this man along with another who was in the back seat and you cannot see on the screen or in the video kidnapped a 57 year-old woman last week. they tied her up, blindfolded her and drove her to several atms and her own car to take out money from her account.
8:36 am
this how police managed to obtain this footage of the driver who they say goes by the name of aubrey. the other suspect goes by the name of david. if the police did not know these at the suspect's real names. they do know that they needed these two off the streets. >> can say that we're still operating under the assumption that this was a random crime. there was nothing that leads us to believe she was targeted. on the other hand we do believe there was some degree of premeditation based on the way that the suspects i'm sorry the victim was bound and gagged and some of the methods that the main suspects used to try to cover up their tracks. >> the suspects released the victim in the oakland hills area. she is doing all right this morning as she continues to yield from some of the injuries sustained during this incident. if you have any information on this case called walnut creek police. >> the time now is a 30 7:00
8:37 am
a.m. and we will be back in a couple of minutes to tracking the weather today will be a gorgeous day in the bay area. the rain will, and the snow has are the cons in tahoe. they have seen starting today and it looks like we are getting off to a nice season of skiing in boarding. this look a. the roads are all clear and ready for a little snow later on this week. we will be right back.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> facebook stock is at 8 percent right now how at $21.47 a share. former employees as early investors become as lotus itself as the as 800 million shares at a bank kept off the market since the company went public in may. fe is the biggest block the face tough stop thief flee france the icl. fifth of the dow was down 68 points right now with trading below 13,000. >> california is a very as cap and trade auction today for greenhouse gas permits. there is one of the lawsuit filed to try to stop it. a group of new regulations and is meant to radically reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. there is a limit on the emissions from
8:41 am
individual polluters. companies are now required to catch half thought enough toch >> it's hard to think about it or even... like us that it's a blessing. >> a mother and father over to a local gas station and the baby arrives. we'll need a baby and the officers that help them when we come back.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> we want to see that what we still have a few slow
8:45 am
spots interstate 868580. we'll start with the east shore freeway where an accident in berkeley started to back the traffic up once again. it is and from highway 4 westbound with a 33 minute drive time from highway 4 down to university ave. over in the san ramon valley the southbound accident at the warner road keeps the traffic heavy coming from walnut creek. it also slows the road northbound and sent on and then bill headed toward alamo. a recent crash at greenfield road and 580 westbound that keeps the traffic heavy headed toward livermore on 580 westbound over 43 minutes now is the drive time. the 2 05 in a chance to the devil and interchange is should be closer to 26 or 28 minutes at this hour. i live bridges after the conditions have initiated the bay bridge we picked up a stall out by your born not island and they have slowed the metering lights once again. the 80 approach has not
8:46 am
changed much. the traffic now solidly best backed up to the west grand over crossing. the san mateo bridge was had a spike in drive times early in the 8:00 hour that push things up to 60 minutes. we're now down to a 13 minute drive. the golden gate bridge is heavy on the span and heavy through northern land. a 40 6:00 a.m. let's go to erica for a look at the weather. >> when morning george plenteous sunshine as we take it to the freeway cam in downtown semblances go. temperatures are on the mild side. concord has warmed to the '50s and '60s out the door in san francisco. mid '40's and napa and as we take it into the afternoon we will continue with the warming trend. los '70s across. fremont 7172 for santa clara and los gatos coming in as 75 degrees. the east bay has plenty of sunshine with concord as
8:47 am
7172 for danville. up to the north bay pleasant conditions and mild temperatures 72 for san roof fell. downtown san francisco is 70 degrees and 66 if you are headed to the ocean beach. the satellite and radar tracks a system right now sitting in the pacific. it is a thousand miles off shore and we will see cloud cover associated with that system. some rain will be approaching from the coastline thursday night at least scattered light rain into the evening hours. everyone agrees we should see rain by friday. shows continued friday showers into the saturday as well. periods of heavy downpour and gusty conditions. we'll continue with wet weather and to monday and tuesday as well. >> the time is 8:40 a.m. and we are watching live as the
8:48 am
hearing is underway in washington d.c. about the meningitis outbreak that killed 32 people across the nation and has made hundreds sec. flu focus of this hearing going on right now the compound in massachusetts is the one that distributive the injections. the owner from the pharmacy is there as well as law makers who are talking about this to figure out who knew what and when. there also be some massachusetts state board officials that will testify during these hearings. >> police are investigating a shooting in oakland that left one person hospitalize are around 10:30 p.m. police said the victim was shot twice and taken to the hospital and is a stable condition right now. we are waiting for authorities to release details about the suspects as was the motive. >> 3 officers helped deliver a baby boy on the side the road last week got to see the baby and the babies have been mom.
8:49 am
>> it's hard to talk about. leges said it is a blessing. >> this is surveillance video of a baby being born at a shell gas station. they ran side looking for help and found three officers ready to go. >> i want to check and said hey that is coming out i need to hold the legs. we drawback the seats and the baby just came. i remember grabbing the head person in the body. >> little nolan is a healthy baby today porn 7 lbs. 14 ounces. my new after giving birth dearth after having four children that she was not like to make it to the hospital after getting on the freeway. >> i was in a panic and >> it was a cold night and dad was ready to give up the
8:50 am
sweat off his back. >> it is a matter of keeping the on one warm. >> baby no lens name has some meaning. he was born across from the know lenses and and a shell gas station. his name is no land shall miller. >> israelis and not the grocery store workers are going back to work this morning. after negotiations workers and management reached a deal yesterday. the workers walked off the job on november 4th after their 15 month contract dispute. they were not blind to go back to work until they got a deal. the new settlements the guarantees that the workers will keep their jobs seniority and health-care eligibility. they will not be retaliated against for exercising their right to strike. >> a quick break as the kron4 news continues. it happens man is there on the bay with traffic moving slowly smoothly around the
8:51 am
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claremont baseball awards and athletics manager bob melvin has been chosen as the manager of the year. they slap taxes at the end of the regular season to win the division. the a's took the detroit tigers to five games in that division series before they were eliminated. they have the second largest payroll in the majors this year. he is a two-time winner also 2007. they these johnson's was chosen as the national league manager of the year. the one of the best records of the years when 98 winds of 64 losses. the giants bruce bochy finished third
8:55 am
in the voting because the voting was done before the playoffs. the league mvp is will be announced tomorrow with buster posey one of the top contenders. >> is known for roles and dear john and most recently magic mike the male stripper movie. channing tatum can now add something to address the made. the sexiest man alive. that is when people magazine has proclaimed for the 32 year-old actor. he said when he first heard year messing with me right? does he have to be surprised? he was naked. i just heard he was in a strongly. newt to kron4 the are run borealis putting on quite a show in minnesota. we tell everybody about this that we were able to see it. you have to live in minnesota.
8:56 am
>> i would rather live here and watch this on tv. it's cold and minnesota. >> on the streets are now clean and daly city but they are shoring up the hillside ahead of the storms that are coming. we will have a live report in just a moment. nancy pelosi announced that she plans to stay but as the house majority leader. minority leader. we'll have more as the kron4 news continues in a few minutes.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
9:01 am
9:02 am
9:03 am
>> the fire broke out and it happened around 1230 periods this was onshore would force drive. here was this a after the fire was out. the crews stay there and for adults and lived in this house and they're not all replaced. >> the latest for the former cia agent. he learned that he will testify and he resigned last week wit due to
9:04 am
having an affair with someone. >> she sent e-mail's to another woman who traded thousands of flirtatious and messages with a general. this may be a another inappropriate relationship that is born on. president obama will make his first announcement concerning this. >> we want the right policies for americans working families. we need to have policies that are fair. in order to reignite the american dream. we want to build bladders of opportunities. we want to have these--we have work to
9:05 am
do. i have made a decision to submit my name to my colleagues and once again to serve as the house democratic leader. >> this was house nancy. she stated that she will remain the leader and she is 72 years old. she continues to do this even though the party did not win the 25 seats. she state >> let's check the numbers on wall street. the dow is down off by 57 points. nine 06 a.m. and we will be right back with more in a few
9:06 am
minutes. >> traffic is light here.
9:07 am
9:08 am
>> google is facing access to their content. governments over the world are making a request for their data. u.s. officials stated that they may most of the demand. 8000 requests came for the months of
9:09 am
january to june. ndf and brazil also made a request. they want access due to security and deprivation happening periods >> this stated that papua john's sent out peace the dills to some customers and they stated that they receive to 10 to 15 of these text messages. they are speaking monday and this could go up to $15 per tax. >> text messaging is on the decline and even with the help of a pop a johns. they're down by 3%. we are not communicating less we're just finding other ways to do it. most of the phones in the u.s. are smart phones and people are using static or-sessioska skate scalper scum,
9:10 am
-- >> we will be right back.
9:11 am
9:12 am
>> on the dow is off by 82
9:13 am
points. the dow may go down to buy a thousand points. >> it seems like the trading is a lighter. the econo h a lighter. let's talk about facebook. their stock went down by 700 million shares. they are up and people are just selling under. this is the big question the day and the markets are telling us absolutely. they were up one. by 8%. i do not think that you will make money in one year if all things stay
9:14 am
the same. >> if you have aol back, the male then you are somewhat old. let's talk about mac a fee. he made a hundred million dollars selling hiss' software. he stated that he is moving. he has a heart of darkness corner. he has been accused of murder. this is a perfect business for you and me. you spend this musmuch money watching people do yoga. >> let's talk about hay low.
9:15 am
they had talks of that this game had people not going out to vote because people were at home playing this game. $220 million was what they gained from the first week of this movie. we stated that microsoft 50 years ago would be into the gaming industry. assesses 3 came out and this was the game of the year. >> member kinburger king. this s you how competitive the fast
9:16 am
food market is. mcdonald's came out with the dollar menuhin everyone copied it. you buy a black hamburger and it is that basically called by keen and you get onion rings and walkers all the good things that murder scene sale. it's basically been cheating. >> rich referred to this has buffeted. thank you for joining us rob. >> it is 9:17 a.m.. >> we are looking at beautiful conditions and there is a lot sunshine outside. this is the warmest
9:17 am
day of the week. you should enjoy it now before it changes. there will be a mixture of sun and clouds for tomorrow. the temperatures will be in the '60s. there will be rain for a thursday night and unsettle for the weekend. the temperatures right now are not stormy. it is 55 degrees in nevada and oakland is at 57 degrees and pleasanton is in the lower 50s. here is a look at your future cast. it should be cloudy for thursday evening. there will be more persistence by friday morning just-in-time for your commute. the temperatures are in the lord
9:18 am
70's. there is mid 'and lower 'e will be at 72 and pleasanton will be at 73 degrees. the temperatures will be warming up into the lower 70's. santa rosa will be at 74 degrees. and downtown san francisco will be at 70 degrees. enjoy this now because the changes will show what especially by the weekend. temperatures will cool down and the weekend-- snow will be in the mountains but just rain and the bay area. i think the winds walsall pickup and monday was also have more rainwill pickup. it
9:19 am
>> up. >> the ride on an estate 80 in the west bound direction is still looking at a 37 minute drive time from hercules to down to berkeley. take a look at oakland ride and you can see that highway 880 and the northbound direction is still pretty sluggish. this is the drive past the coliseum. i would not exactly call this a hot spot because it is normally this slope about this time in the morning. the bay bridge toll plaza is improving and you can see that we are starting to pick up ending of the back up. despite a recent
9:20 am
stall. you're ride to the san mateo bridge which was heavy at a time we saw drive time at 16 minutes but now it is light at 11 minutes. the golden gate bridge has been problem free. the drive through the marin county is not easing up. their drive time is dropping below 30 minutes. >> it is 9:20 a.m. and president obama wheels be having chief executives at the white house. that will be there to talk about the fiscal cliff. >> what is the fiscal cliff? >> this is the shorthand for a economic disaster. this is a seven trillion dollars spending cuts before taxes. this is set to go an affect
9:21 am
at the beginning of january of 2013. >> time is almost up and dimmer cracks democratic sent republicans have to, with a way to reduce the taxes and to throw out how they're want to handle medicare. they stated that this may cripple the united states and drive up more unemployment. u.s. politicians hope to avoid running off with the fiscal cliff. >> this doesn't sound too bad when you listen to the music. >> here's a live look outside. there is a lot of sunshine.
9:22 am
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9:25 am
all of the snow. they're also making snow. he is alive in heavenly. tell us about the conditions. >> we are open today and we are hoping a few hours earlier. we have been making snow for the past 67 days. would be a grea6 to 7 days. it a great day for you to come out. we are hoping for some snow to comment on sunday. we do have a few clicks
9:26 am
opecliffs open. it is a pretty measurable. >> the point is is that you can get out and you can get your feet wet. he stated that you will not get the full price. >> we have a couple more resorts that will be opened up on the weekend. it is 9:27 a.m. and we will be right back with more. we will talk about the weather with more snow and more rain. we do have high clouds and will be a nice day.
9:27 am
at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company
9:28 am
that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger. who owns it? who keeps it? if we fall down; if we fail; where can we fall back to, to that place where we are most happy? we think about these things when we make tillamook ice cream. the purer, the happier, the very center... of happiness.
9:29 am
>> welcome back. >> the official word is set you have to go outside and enjoy the sun shine and warmer conditions. there is a lot of sunshine but chilly at times. you can see there are a few clouds coming in. the warmest day of the week will be this evening. we will see mild temperatures. the temperatures in hayward is at 55 degrees and palo alto is at 56 degrees. walnut creek is at 54 degrees. i will talk about the big storm that may impact your weekend plans. >> we cleared up our hot spots. here at the bay bridge toll plaza is fairly
9:30 am
nice into the 9:00 hour. the traffic is backed up beyond the oakland army base. currently it is being reported for much better drive times for the san mateo bridge. they're down to the 11 to 12 minutes. the golden gate bridge has a easy drive into-- >> it is 9:30 a.m. and was see how things are developing in daly city. we're following the cleanup efforts due to the mud from yesterday. will tran was there yesterday and he is still out there today. >> it is still thick out here but unfortunately the water is gone and they can get into a here and clear up the storm drains. if they
9:31 am
would try to make a lanes available. it is so deep that one. we saw half of the tires were underground. here's a guy walking past year. they will be busy because they're trying to beat the clock with the rain coming for tomorrow. that man is up there and the mud is up to his waist. it they expect to be done by tomorrow and this is just a band-aid to because they still need to shower this up completely. look how busy that it is. yesterday's it was just full of mud and it has cleared a little bit and there is heavy equipment coming and going. they do want to hurry up and get this done before the rain comes and before it becomes dark. here is a dirt track on this side the road. they eveh other they're just about
9:32 am
their job. he just wants to get his load and drive off. this is a hillside and this is offline right now. there are getting water from some other place so residents can have plenty of water for their homes. that probably will take the dirt and mud and remove this and possibly bring back and packet against the hill. many residents stated that their cars were stuck and they may have damaged. a few cars had to get told because they cannot move them. that might have engine damage. we did talk with the director of waste water resources and this is what he had to say. >> any claims that the residents have suffered we do have forms available at the city clerk's office. we do have a day assessment
9:33 am
team and any claims that they have they just have to file a claim with the city. this is not negotiable. this is outside of my control and the legalities that are associated with this situation. we do encourage residents to file claims and they will have been reviewed. >> it is up to the homeowner to get the ball rolling at city hall. there also get help from cameras. they have cameras going down to see out called everything is due to the mud slides. not only are they using the storm drains to clear the path-- there is nothing new and they are bringing in material to absorb the rain fall. >> in san francisco the power is back on at city hall after an explosion in the basement. there was an
9:34 am
electrical panel that blew and the sprinkler system went off. the power was shut off for a few hours as p&g investigate. >> a jury has convicted a man for assaulting three women. he was found guilty on 25 counts including assault, kidnapping and robbery. he attacked women last year and he is expected to face life imprisonment he is sentenced next month. >> a dozen of misstated the that were either illegally stripped searched by oakland police. last night this stems from allegations that men had their pants pulled down on city street from 2002 to 2009 by police. the settlement will be issued to about 25 men. >> as they have been charged
9:35 am
with trying to kidnap three separate women. these attacks were in 2009 into different safeway stores. during one of the tax the police stated that he used a stunt gun on a woman and he was just 17 years old at the time this happened. they are charging him as an adult. this crew was last seen from her home when she was waiting at a bus stop. if they have not found her body but her dna was found. >> a three month plus long child pornography sting comes to the rest of four men. the issue's six search warrants and the track them down over the internet. the
9:36 am
for war are arrested and they're still looking for two other men. this child sting included a hundred officers and 23 other state and federal agencies. >> the time is 9:36 a.m. and we will go to break. we are following weather and traffic closely on this wednesday morning. this is a transition day and that is for sunny today and different tomorrow. it looks like this shot of 101 traffic is good. we will be right back with the update.
9:37 am
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a fresh-cut tri tip sirloin served with a succulent lobster tail. just $16.99. sizzler. >> president obama is meeting with other executives to support his plan for to avoid the fiscal
9:40 am
cliff. this automatically kicks that on january 1st if congress does not act. president obama stated that he is committed pay more in taxes. >> a new poll by a research center stated that most americans stated that the republicans are going to be the blame for the fiscal cliff. 53 percent of american stated that the republicans will be the ones to blame if they do not avoid the fiscal cliff. both homicide's may share the blame according to 10%. >> this was not the case. the man who has not been identified is taken back
9:41 am
accusation that he made about bill moldelmo. he stated t he is happier relieved that this allegation has been put to rest. >> it is 9:41 a.m.. >> we want to get out and enjoy the day before it starts to rain. it is a pretty nice day. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on, for two whole years. from at&t. [ female announcer ] a great price for a great triple-play bundle. [ male announcer ] call now. bundles with u-verse tv, internet and home phone start at $89 a month. now get the same great price for two years. [ female announcer ] switch today and get a total home dvr included, free for life.
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>> welcome back it is 9:45 a.m.. we are watching face books stock. a hundred million shshares will be able to be sold. it this was a lock up restriction and despite this coming
9:45 am
available their stock is still on the rise of by 9%. it is set a dollar and 88¢. >> we are watching in california as week debut the capital trade. there will be an auctionn at 10:00 a.m. this morning. this is due to the global warming law and the new regulations that it is made up. this program places a limit on admissions from polluters. this will allow companies to pay a fee if they go over. the first option will be at 10:00 a.m. and this is being closely watched. >> the acting chief
9:46 am
executive of long island power authority. he resigned due to the backlash due to super storm sandy. the mayor stated that they're sending out investigations due to residents still not having power. they stated that their response to the storm--nearly 50,000 residents of long island are still way for the power to be restored. >> enjoy the sunshine today and warmer conditions. we will see big changes coming to rest of the week. there will be a mixture of sun and clouds. tomorrow will be cooler and will be in the '60s. rain by thursday night into friday morning. the week began looks to be unsettled as well. downtown san francisco was at 58
9:47 am
degrees and san mateo is still in the upper 40's at this hour. it is mid-50s for hayward and pleasanton. here is a look at the satellite radar picture. this tells us that offshore-spanish this is cloud and and the low pressure will bring us showers by thursday night and friday morning. this is only round one and we will have a another round into early next week. if you should enjoy the warmth today because the bad weather is coming. there stating it will be generally cloudy and then in the green he was see that this is light rain and then the yellow means moderate rain. friday morning's commute will be impacted by this. it is lower 70's for mountain view and palo alto.
9:48 am
cupertino will get closer to mid 70's. fremont will be in the lore 70's. it is a good day to be in the south bay. union city will be a 71 and so will concord. for our friends in the north bay there temperatures will get up to the mid-70s for santa rosa. richmond will be as 67 degrees and apple will be at lower 70's. a few degrees higher. check out your 7 day around the bay forecast. it will still be pretty nice for thursday because the clouds will not grow until thursday night. the cooling trend will continue for the weekend. we will see gusty winds and high rank. there will be more snow from our mountains. >> this is are starting to
9:49 am
come down in the traffic department and we're not tracking any hot spots. here is a bridge check. the west mount commute is an easy drive across. the san mateo bridge was not to bet today but we did see 16 minutes for the drive time around 8:00 a.m.. the rest of the time it was around 8 to 12 minutes. this has been a better ride even though we have seen unexpected delays. the golden gate bridge has wind down and ran county only still has to lanes available. >> these people at this grows restore are returning to work after they've reached an agreement. the union workers walked off the
9:50 am
dock to 10 days ago due to a dispute with their contracts. they will be able to keep their jobs and their health care benefits. they wiled against because they voiced their opinions. >> the supreme court may strike down the law about marriage. they will discuss whether they will hear a challenge just do to them ruling that same sex couples that are married and stay is that where they made it illegal that would qualify for refunds on stated income-tax purposes. if this would be about $10,000 for each year the they have been married since 2009. >> the meningitis outbreak have killed about 32 people. they're having a hearing. here is a live look at--this
9:51 am
is what they're saying about the outbreak and how it started at this are sick. there stating that it was the six distributors across the state and it is all so-- they do not know how this could have been avoided and who should be blamed for. this stated that it could be the owner of the pharmaceutical company. there d at this time. we will be right back with the segment on people behaving badly. there is a lot more with the ski resorts run we've returned.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> >> the speed limit on this street in castro valley is 40 m.p.h.. pickup truck was
9:55 am
clocked an at--this is a treacherous stretch of roadway. >> i with the castro valley highway patrol looking for speeders. >> i asked a 19 year-old driver why he was going so fast. his response was that he was acting retarded. if these were his words not minds. >> this driver was clocked on radar at 56 m.p.h.. when stopped the driver had a different recollection of his speed. >> the know how fast you were born? >> after your e melo i thought it would be a good way to see how people are fodriving. >> the know how much the
9:56 am
speed is in this area? >> it is actually 40. >> this driver was caught doing 50 mi. per hour. he had a good explanation. >> ave have been doing this for 40 years. you were doing 50 mi. this time. >> his wife had the same problem. i don't know. >> this minivan was also caught speeding. >> let's see with this driver had said. >> i was just chatting and i really did not feel that i was going that fast. >> everyone was issued a ticket. >> and castro valley i am stanley roberts. >> we have due video on kron 4 news and you can only see
9:57 am
this here or on the internet. do you recognize this? >> even just on video this is cool. this is a that a special this is from minnesota and assist it for this morning and we was see you back here in the morning. ♪
9:58 am
[ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale... ♪ ...and in the tiniest details. ♪ and sometimes both. nature valley granola thins pack the big taste of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories.
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nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious. >> announcer: today on an all-new "dr. phil." when the rules in life change -- >> dr. phil: this is not the world your momma told you about. >> announcer: it's time to throw out the rule book. >> dr. phil: there's people that will use you and i'm going to tell you what they do to exploit you. >> announcer: how to spot a wom womanizer. >> i can make them feel that i'm e

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